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Make your personal Robot with WowWee RoboMe

When I started to write this post, I was thinking that whether I have to post it under the smart phone category or robot category, are you surprised  with my these words? Well this post is about two of your favorite categories robot and the iPhone or you can say smart phone because the subject is mixed enough means a product that uses an iPhone.
                                                   So for using this amazing product what you should have is just a iPhone that fits into it’s phone holder at front when you will place it in the phone holder then through an app of robome you can  give commands to it by another iPhone and even some voice commands too, it has two Apple iPhone apps exclusively for this product only one is for the iphone that you will fit on the front phone holder of the robot and the second one for that iphone through which you will control this robot, this RoboMe Product is an amazing production of WowWee and pronounced as WowWee RoboMe You can buy this product through WowWee store or ToysRus, it’s price at WowWee store is 109.99 US Dollars and at ToysRus you can buy it at 99.99 US Dollars. It’s made for iPod Touch and iPhone it comes with a remote video control also which has the REM (Robo Eye Merge). You can also control it via remote control provided with it.
RoboMe Controller App

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Heads-Up Display on Windscreen with Android and Apple apps

Every day the change in the technology surprises us, few days back we used to watch any map on out computer only, then trend changed and we started looking on the map on our smart phones, day by day better technology just amazed us, but the biggest problem was it was very hard to keep your eye on the smart phone on your smart phone screen while driving your car and even traffic rules don’t suggest that that’s why few developers have developed few amazing apps for you people with a new idea, new revolution and for your comfort, hey now you don’t have to keep your eye on your smart phone’s screen while driving just few taps on the screen and select your destination, select your theme and put it just in front of your windscreen and it will take care of you don’t worry, I will introduce you three amazing HUD apps that you can use while driving and you please think about the better implementation of this HUD feature that can make our present apps more better and advanced in future.                               

                                     Few amazing HUD Apps 

  • Navier HUD Navigation Free : What it does is it will project the navigational instructions  right on the windscreen, so that you will not have to look anywhere else except the road. Turn by turn it will give you the instructions by speech and by showing on the windscreen but it doesn’t support all the languages, you can use it with or without a car on the HUD mode it will reflect the instructions on the screen but it can all show you instruction normally while you hold it in your hand or you hold it in a phone holder on a bike or while jogging. It works on Android

Navier HUD Navigation App showing navigation on Windscreen
                                                 It has different options like you can choose different themes out of several themes available in it and many other options like a compass, routing instructions and average speed and you can synchronize your data with the google account.
Navier HUD Navigation App showing navigation on bicycle

Developed by: Whilerain Studio

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Importance of Social Media in blogging

When I started blogging I was very much convinced by experienced bloggers that if you want success in blogging career then you will have to make different social media platforms your friend, because it will not only help your content to reach as many people as possible but will also increase you google ranking as well and I did what they have told me and just with the help of social media I am not only gaining audience day by day but also with some strategies I am gaining good google ranking in google searches as well, I will tell you throughout this post those strategies to you and the importance of social media for a blogger, because remember If you want to make your success story of the blog just make social media your best friend.
Social Media and Blogging

   Ways to use social media for promotion of your blog

Yes if you have started a blog that means you are taking it as a side or main business and business can’t become successful  without advertising or promotion, the fact is if you have great content and you still not advertising it by paid means or by yourself then you are doing very wrong to your business, in the similar way if you are very good in advertising/promotion but if you don’t have good content then you are certainly doing wrong for your business, there are a few tricks to promote your blog in a right way-

  • Write a brief description while sharing- It is very important to write a brief description of the blog post while sharing it on any social media platform, no matter how many words they allow to write the description, you can make your description as short as accepted by that platform.
  • Tagging is very important-  while sharing if your social media platform allows to tag any person in the post then just tag them, on famous social media platform like google+ and Facebook it is the best way to promote your post, because when you tag somebody in your post then that post will be seen on his/her page/timeline too and that will boost your post because his/her friends will be able to see your post too in their news feed.
  • Make your blog page on social media platforms- This is very old strategy but it still works like no one else, when you make a page on social media then the people associated with that page will get the notifications whatever you will post there, so you have to try to associate as many people with your blog’s social page, you can do this by asking people to send invites or suggest more people to like that page.
  • Make account in many Social Media platforms- This will help your blog to get a greater variety of audiences to your blog because on every social media platform there are a variety of people there who can like your blog.
  • Try to enter the link of your blog on profile page- on every social media profile you will have to make a profile page on which you will have to mention what you do, along with your regular job also mention that you are the owner of [the link of your blog], in this way you are making a link to your blog and also making easy for your audience to search your blog in google searches, that’s why it’s important to make an account on as many social media platforms as possible.
  • Make multiple accounts on tweeter- yes this strategy works very beautifully, because tweeter has a limit that you can follow only certain number of people in a day with multiple accounts you can do this thing very easily.
  • Try to make tweeter accounts with your blog’s name- if you want to attract people attention then you will have to make an tweeter account with your blog’s name to do it  professionally because looking at an odd name which can not be of a person they will have desire to know about that name that what it is all about?

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How to Categorize your posts in blogger through menu items

We like only those things which are well organized and this thing applies to websites and blogs also, if you categorize your posts in different categories then your blog will look more beautiful, impressive and it affects your blog’s bounce rate also, now I have to tell you what the bounce rate really is ? So I will define bounce rate in my own  words here-
Bounce rate is the rate which defines how much time a visitor spends on your site the lower the rate the better your visitor experience, means it defines how much your visitors enjoy your site.

Making Categories in menu items

            Some ways to attract the visitors to your site

There are many ways to attract the visitors to your site so that they spend more time on your site and they are-
  • Show related posts at the bottom of every post.
  • Put some interesting contest on your site to engage your visitors in it.
  • Categorize your posts in various categories to make them easily explore your all posts.

    Steps to make categories for your posts through URL

The coolest part is making category it gives a professional look to your site, now let me define some steps for it-
  • Just log in to blogger with your credentials and on dashboard click on the pages just like I did in the image.
  • After clicking on the pages just click New page,  then click web address and a window will be open.
    Click on New page then Web address inside pages
  • Enter the page title and the URL like in the image I did and there is a reason behind choosing this type of URL, which includes search keyword in it because it searches for the posts which includes a particular keywords or labels in it.
           Example : http://[your blog's url]/search/label/[your keyword or label]
Choose the URL and Title

  • So the last word is the keyword or label and your can replace your website address there just after doing this adjustment you are ready to create page then you will see a page will be created for you there it will have the options like edit and delete, just forget about that, now move to the next step.
    Blogger Pages after creating the particular page
  • In this step open only those posts which you you want to categorize in a particular category and click on the "Labels" on upper right corner and enter that same tag that you have entered in the URL when you had created the page for it and after doing that click done and update it by clicking update button.
  • Now come to the template, open the html code and open that area where you have entered the menu bar code to add a menu item for the particular category, you can find the code as if you have home or about us section then putting the mouse inside the html code press ctrl+f and find “about us” or “home”, then you will find the code section of your menu bar and enter the link there by putting that particular URL of the page in href tag and Putting the name between ahref tag that you want to be displayed, then save template and you are done with it .
    Edit Menu Item in Template

Vehicles as a  Menu Item in Technology Eater's menu
                                                                   Best of Luck!  
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Two Amazing Android Apps for photo editing and fun

We all love to take photos in our daily lives, it’s the part of our life, we take photos of every moment and at every hour sometimes and even the teenagers are habitual of doing this, they take photos so often, the only thing that hurts them is they have to edit photos to give them funniest look or just to maintain the dignity of the photos they have to sit in front of computer or laptop.
                                                      Now tell me one thing that who has the time to edit the photos on computer, when nowadays everyone uploads the photos on social media just a few seconds after taking it? At least I will never suggest you to do that because I know that there is a solution for this big problem, just go and check Google Play there are two amazing Android Apps there to do this funny photo editing job on the go just a few seconds after right there on your smart phone and those Android apps are –

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Amazing Features of Sky Drive for Android

If you don’t have a memory card in your phone then you may be in problem while travelling and taking photo because in journey you will not have  an option to store those photos on your computer or laptop, so what to do ? Let me ask you will you stop taking photos?
Sky Drive for Android

                                             No because without taking photos you can’t enjoy your journey, leave that and let me ask you if you don’t have a memory card in your phone so there is only option just put a few songs in your mobile and go for the journey, oh broken heart dear traveler why do you sacrifice your dreams just because you don’t have a memory card, I have a solution for you- “SkyDrive for Android”. For many years Google drive and sky drive are the best online storage solutions for many of us but many of us are still unaware that it is available for your mobile too, that will solve your storage related problems and will give you the freedom of wandering without a memory card, isn’t amazing? But personally I love to use SkyDrive.
Sky Drive for Android Home Screen

                       More exciting features of SkyDrive

There are many features of SkyDrive for Android like - 
Sky Drive for Android Upper Menu Options
  • With SkyDrive you can access all your content where you go because nowadays we use online drive frequently for our work and for fun also, it saves the storage space on our laptop or computer too and it provides access to our important content anytime and anywhere, most of us scan our documents and upload it on an online drive like a Google Drive or SkyDrive to access it anywhere just with the help of the internet anytime anywhere.
    Sky Drive for Android Files Upload Feature
  • You can view your recently used documents to get faster access to your important content.
  • You can upload multiple files, photos and videos at a time this is the most amazing feature you just have to select few files at a time and just by clicking upload button and forget it, the files will be uploaded. It shows files directly from your phone’s memory or from your memory card and you can choose files and upload it.
    Sky Drive for Android Photos and videos Upload Feature
  • In settings area you can decide the upload size and download size also and the settings are also shows the account name and the acquired space on SkyDrive.
  • After selecting file the options on the menu will change at below and you will have options to delete, share with view and edit options, download no matter how many files you download at a time, share it on email or another app, or even rename the already uploaded file, even on clicking on the file you can see the file as it was uploaded.
  • You can also create and rename and delete folders and manage files in the folders right from your phone because SkyDrive has made it far simpler for you.
    Sky Drive for Android Create New Folder
  • It has two types of views one that your are already viewing in the photos the another one is Tiles view.                
    Sky Drive for Android Tiles view

                                                                   So with this amazing app we can simplify our lives by uploading sharing and downloading as many files we want at one time, this simplifies the way of distribution of your photos, music, videos and even office files at last I want to say keep sharing.

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Amazing features of Google Translator for Android

Let's talk about something that we love most, yes talking to the foreigners and knowing about their culture right? But the only obstacle is the language because we don’t know about their language, so what to do? How to communicate with them without taking the headache of learning so many languages, why don't you take help of technology and impress them, i tell you how in next paragraph.
Google Translate
                                                 For us Google has provided Google Translator and I also use it daily to interact with many foreigners to know more about their culture and tell them about my culture too, but trends are changing so frequently and the technology is not the exception of it, even sometimes or i must say always it changes faster than the trend, many of us using social media on our mobile and what if at that time somebody from the group of our so called lovable friend who don’t know our language comes online and say “Ola ! (Portuguese)”, then what would we do? Will you not reply? Well I have the answer Google Translator again but this time on mobile, yes it is –“Google Translate for Android”, I am again saying this post is for those who are still unaware of Google Translator for Android.
Google Translate keypad input
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eType will complete you while typing

Many times, when we type something we do typing mistakes in hurry and that is human tendency to do mistakes but often we feel that if somebody could help us to improve our efficiency while doing work on computer, few days before I shared with you a post about a software that will correct your grammatical mistakes-Your personal English Teaching Assistant : Ginger, now let me tell you about a software that is still completing my every word while typing this post and letting me free of this spell check  task after typing my every line or word, now what I do is just I start my word and it guesses at the spot and suggest me the list of appropriate words to select and I am just selecting the appropriate word to be typed and has effectively increased my typing speed too.
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A Robot That fly like an insect without sensors

Now first let me tell you what are the advantages of flying like an insect, the insects fly without taking the headache of collisions, if the collisions occur during their flight then they recover soon from it, this makes them flying in a really special way because of it they can enjoy a careless flying, and sometimes just because of that they caught by lizards and sometimes by frogs too.
Gimball - A Robot that flies like an insect

                                                  Here is your thinking point many robots today have many built in sensors in them to control their walk right? But what if there is smoke or noise in the environment? Yes, they will be confused. The solution is now here Gimball, a robot with two frames, one inner frame and one outer frame, this outer frame’s responsibility will be to give the bouncer behavior of the robot just like an insect, means when it will collide, it will bounce back and will be ready for another try.  It has been made with the carbon-fiber material, this was really necessary to make light weighted the outer cubical frame has the diameter of 34 centimeters, the inner frame remains stable while the outer frame protects it from collisions, these light weight robots can be used for taking video footage of any location where human presence can be dangerous for the human itself.  Moreover the outer frame is made of Elastic material which enables it to bounce itself and recover from a shock and it’s freestyle flying will be helpful in many types of sting operations also, when it flies it sounds like a mosquito.
                                                       It is being presented from 5th  to 9th of November 2013 at the conference of  IREX in Tokyo(Japan).

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Intelligent material that can change Shapes with 4D Printing

Here is the first question what's the next ? We all know about the 3D printing with which a material can take the shape of any real world object, so that you can actually realize how will it be look like, But the new era of 4D printing is arriving soon and even already entered.

                                                     There is a The Little difference between the 3D printing and 4D printing and the difference is- In 3D printing after taking the shape of an object the material can’t change its shape but there is a difference at this particular point between 3D printing and 4D printing that the material can change its shape at the later stage in 4D printing.

This concept was originated in the great mind of Mr. Skylar Tibbits, an Architect and computer scientist of  MIT university. According to him this technology can really change the future, the concept is-

                                                   There is an programmable material which can reconfigure itself even after it gets the shape from the 3D Printer, there is no microprocessor, no electro- mechanical thing and even no circuit boards inside that but still with the help of the water it can be in any shape whatever you want, because it can use the energy it gets from water, sound or any other energy source and can use that energy to change its shape.
4D printing pipes different shapes
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