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Cubify Sense 3D Scanner will let you capture anything in 3D

Few days back I had shared with you a post about gadget called as Structure 3D sensor, which will fit around your iPad and let you capture the world in 3D, you can see that post here – Structure 3D Sensor scans and understands our world, but today the thing is different I am going to share about a device with which you don’t need any phone to capture anything because it is capable of capturing the world in 3D without the help of any other device, you just need to take care about the storage, other things will be managed by it.
Cubify Sense 3D scanner

                                  Cubify Sense 3D scanner is an amazing blend of compatible design and 3D scanning. You can take it with you anywhere and it will do the nice job for you. I am going to share some amazing features of it here, as I love to do about every tech product.
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Structure 3D Sensor scans and understands our world

We all click the photos several times everyday, we also upload our pictures on social media platforms frequently and people like them also. Today in this world there are many people around you who like to click a selfie and upload it but how many of them click it in real 3D? yes, now technology allows us to take the photos and make our devices actually understand the photos, our devices will know that where the boundary of one object is closing and the boundary of other object is starting and also you can play with your pictures.
Scanning the head of a person with structure scanner

                                   This new invention’s name is Structure 3D sensor (a 3D scanner), which can be fitted on the head of your iPad, hey wait this post is not only for apple product users but android and windows product users can also take advantage of this sensor, don’t worry I am going to explain about this amazing gadget below briefly as always I use to do. 
Structure 3D Sensor attached on an iPad
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Gesture Works Gameplay lets you design your controls

We all play games and they are the part of our life, they are our friends and our true companion. With the evolution of smart phones and tablets, their involvement in our life has been increased. Few days ago in our childhood we used to play games on our desktop computers, then the evolution of laptops had allowed us to play games on them and now it’s time for our smart phones and tablets.  
GestureWorks Gameplay
                                           But what if I want to play games on my tablet and the controls provided by the game are not suitable for me? The answer is I will design my controls for me and i will have independence to design them all according to my own taste. Gesture Works Game Play is the app that will let you build your own control on the go. I am defining all the features of this app here in this post, you can take a look at these features.
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How to create a problem steps file automatically on windows 7

Sometimes it may be difficult to describe the problem that you are facing to the customer support team, because customer support team can’t identify the problem quickly and tell it to the developer team. 
Problem Steps File
                                      So the only way left for you is to create a well formatted report for the developer team so that you can directly send it to the developer team and get your problem resolved and just think that if it can be made by itself without any difficulty? Yes it can be made automatically with description and there are very easy steps to create it. In this post I am going to describe all these steps one by one below. 
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Osmo merges the real and digital games for kids

Kid’s toys are not only for play, they are the ladders for their mind to reach a level of creativity. The creativity is very important for kids and it should be developed in kids because without this a kid can’t become intelligent.

                                          Today everyone wants his kids to be creative but everyone thinks that the only way to make his kids creative is to give them smart phone, tablet or make them sit in front of a laptop or desktop. Well this is not the true, physical world experience can’t be get from the virtual world, so let your kids experience the beauty of a puzzle game, word game and other type of small games physically. Hey, but what if we can merge the physical and the virtual world with each other? OSMO is the answer, this is a gadget based game system. OSMO is developed by former Googlers and I am going to tell you about this amazing product in detail today in this post.
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Wowwee MIP robot which has GestureSense Technology

Few days back I had shared about wowwee robome, which is a toy robot that can be controlled by Apple iphone mobile app. Wowwee is a company which is continuously involved in making high-tech robot toys that can sense, respond and also be controlled by remote given with them or a mobile app. Today, I am going to share about MIP made by the same company. Wowwee MIP can change your kid’s life and intelligence level.
Wowwee MIP front view
                                  There are few many more robots available at retail stores made by wowwee, you can check them too, but I am going to share here about the newest one. It's most admired features are GestureSense, dance mode, free roam, tricks  mode and its immersive personality make it different from the others.

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How to make youtube video with youtube video manager

Making YouTube video and sharing it with people may increase your business but most of us think that it is a quite tedious job and we wish that somebody should do this job for us. Is this really that much difficult to make your own video these days? The answer is no, it has become so easy to make your own video for your business’s promotion in a right manner.
Make your own YouTube video with YouTube Video Manager

                                       Still many people think that they should have a deep knowledge of some video editing tool for making an YouTube video and but it has become so easy with the tool provided by YouTube named as video manager, which can easily handle all these tedious job on its own and it leaves you with a quite joyful experience that you will have after watching your own video which were made without use of any tedious software.

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How to add other authors on your blog in blogger

If you are starting your blog alone then it’s good for starting that you work alone but when the workload will increase you will feel by time that you need lots of companions to help you writing the posts on your blog and it’s the best way of doing blogging business. If you have a blog on blogger platform then it is very easy for both of you and your companions to be present on the same blog at the same time, moreover you can write at the same time, no matter how far you are. This is a tutorial and complete guide that I am sharing with you to add multiple authors to your blog.
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Improve performance of your blog with Social bookmarking

Social sharing is a very important part of blogging, a blogger simply can’t escape from it. The way you share it is also very important, because if you are doing blogging these days then you must have to be act as a complete business man. Way of presentation, your language in your post, pictures these are all the things which should be kept in mind while publishing any post in the ocean of the internet.
Importance of social bookmarking
                                   Yes, I am describing this world of internet as an ocean where lots of websites and data are floating and the people come here for trapping a good quality fish (the information they need), they put some words in the search engine and get the right fish. Google is the God of this ocean who decides which fish you are going to get in your search.
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Why and how to avoid spammy comments

Web is full of spams, spam means several thousands of copies of the same message delivered all over the internet which is irrelevant of the context or irrelevant to the receiver. Spams are very harmful for receiver and the spammer. Now let’s turn to our blogging world, spams in blogging means same comment which is irrelevant to the context posted on many blogs.
Avoid Spams
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