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Two Amazing Android Apps for photo editing and fun

We all love to take photos in our daily lives, it’s the part of our life, we take photos of every moment and at every hour sometimes and even the teenagers are habitual of doing this, they take photos so often, the only thing that hurts them is they have to edit photos to give them funniest look or just to maintain the dignity of the photos they have to sit in front of computer or laptop.
                                                      Now tell me one thing that who has the time to edit the photos on computer, when nowadays everyone uploads the photos on social media just a few seconds after taking it? At least I will never suggest you to do that because I know that there is a solution for this big problem, just go and check Google Play there are two amazing Android Apps there to do this funny photo editing job on the go just a few seconds after right there on your smart phone and those Android apps are –

                                     Pixlr Express  


Pixlr Express is an amazing app  for those who loves to do a lots of photo editing work after taking photo, it has numerous professional features that you would  love when you will see it, the features are as –
  • On the starting page of the app you will have two options – to take a photo and the other one is to choose a photo, from take a photo option it will direct you to the camera and then you will be able to take the photo and after taking the photo you can directly edit it, in choose a photo you will be directed to the gallery from there you can choose the photo to be edited.
    Pixlr Express
  • You have the options like Adjustme, Effect, Overlay, Border, Text and Sticker, each of these options have many packages inside it means you have to be connected when are set to do editing work on it, when you will click on the package it will download it and then after downloading you will have to press it again to have the work done by this app.
    Pixlr Express edit photo
  • You can do everything in this app you can crop, rotate and even resize the photo, you can remove red eye and even whiten the teeth also, you can make it vintage or even give a cool shade to the photo, add a border, and even the coolest add sticker on the photo, I have edited a baby’s photo in it and added it here to show you and please don’t forget to tell me in the comment section that whether am I good editor or not ?
    Pixlr Express final edited photo



We all know about the PhotoFunia already but this it’s on mobile with the coolest features it has the features are very simple and even a kid can use it very easily, yes it is as simple as that here are the steps –
  • Just open the app select an available effect it has more then 300 effects already.
    PhotoFunia Choose Effects
  • Upload your photo down there, click available options like ageing effect and others based on the effect you choose and click ok button.
    PhotoFunia select photo and enter text
  • It will upload your picture and after processing it will download it for you , now right from there you can save it to the gallery or you can share it on social media blutooth or whatever sharing options you have in your phone right from inside the app at the spot and I have done it too yesterday.  
    PhotoFunia final edited photo


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