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Malicious Google Play Apps Stole User Banking Info

By Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
Using tricks to sidestep the app store's restrictions, malware operators pillaged passwords, keystrokes, and other data.

253 Last-Chance Cyber Monday Deals You Can Still Get Now

By Gear Team
These discounts are the last ones standingβ€”for the moment.

The Escapist Fantasy of NFT Games Is Capitalism

By Cecilia D'Anastasio, Gian M. Volpicelli
In blockchain-based video games like Axie Infinity, wealthier players are becoming bosses in a flourishing international labor market.

Get More From Your Multicooker With These 5 Cookbooks

By Joe Ray
If you’ve got an Instant Pot (or something like it), let these books guide you toward some exciting new flavors.

The Watch That Made Everything Now

By Charlotte Kent
When the Pulsar debuted in 1972, the first digital watch offered a new concept of timeβ€”and foreshadowed our fraught relationship with instantaneity.

Think Climate Change Is Messy? Wait Until Geoengineering

By Matt Simon
Someone's bound to hack the atmosphere to cool the planet. So we urgently need more research on the consequences, says climate scientist Kate Ricke.

An AI Finds Superbug-Killing Potential in Human Proteins

By Max G. Levy
A team scoured the human proteome for antimicrobial molecules and found thousands, plus a surprise about how animals evolved to fight infections.

Europe Went Bananas for Gorillas. Then Its Workers Rose Up

By Morgan Meaker
The delivery app raced to a $1 billion valuation, promising to transform a problem-prone industry. Striking riders say it’s no different from its peers.

Online Gaming Is the New Therapist’s Office

By Gina Rich
Plenty of us play to let off steam, but online multiplayer and single-player gaming can be healing in the hands of mental health professionals.

The Absolute Best Cyber Monday DealsΒ Online Right Now

By Julian Chokkattu, Gear Team
These are the very best discounts we've found at all the major tech retailers. There's a stellar pick here for everyone.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals on STEM Toys for Kids

By Simon Hill, Gear Team
These games and services can help your little ones explore science, technology, engineering, math, or the arts. They won't even know they're learning.

15 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Google Devices We Like

By Julian Chokkattu, Gear Team
Our favorite Pixel phone is $50 off, plus there are discounts on Nest security cameras and smart speakers.

Jam Out To the Best Cyber Monday Headphone and Speaker Deals

By Parker Hall, Gear Team
From smart assistants to portable Bluetooth companions, upgrade the sound in your life with these great audio discounts.

The Best Cyber Monday TV and Soundbar Deals

By Parker Hall, Gear Team
From gorgeous flatscreens to earth-shaking surround sound, here are the best discounts to upgrade your home theater.

24 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Coffee Makers and Gear

By Jess Grey, Gear Team
Coffee gear can be expensive, but we've found quite a few great deals on brewing supplies and accessories.

25 Cyber Monday Deals on Cameras and Gear

By Scott Gilbertson, Gear Team
A full-frame mirrorless Nikon for less than $1,000? A Moment phone lens for $50? These discounts are a photo enthusiast's dream.

44 Relaxing Cyber Monday Beauty and Self-Care Deals

By Medea Giordano, Gear Team
Can your home use some calming vibes? Is your frizzy hair desperate for some love? We found the best deals to glam up or chill out.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals on PC Components

By Eric Ravenscraft, Gear Team
You can get (nearly) everything you need to build your work station or gaming rig today.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals on Fitness and Outdoor Gear

By Matt Jancer, Gear Team
Gear up for next year's adventures or plunge into a winter wonderland with these deals on ebikes, outdoor clothing, and fitness trackers.

51 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Phones, Tablets, and Smartwatches

By Brenda Stolyar, Gear Team
Come for the discounts on MagSafe cases, Apple Watches, Google Pixels, and wireless chargers. Stay for that shiny "Add to cart" feeling.