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As Chips Shrink, Rowhammer Attacks Get Harder to Stop

By Lily Hay Newman
A full fix for the “Half-Double” technique will require rethinking how memory semiconductors are designed.

Amazon Will Buy MGM for Over $8 Billion. Your Move, Netflix

By Angela Watercutter
The move is the latest, and greatest, in a new wave of media consolidation sparked by the streaming wars.

One Man’s Amazing Journey to the Center of the Bowling Ball

By Brendan I. Koerner
Mo Pinel spent a career reshaping the ball’s inner core to harness the power of physics. He revolutionized the sport—and spared no critics along the way.

When Driving Is (Partially) Automated, People Drive More

By Aarian Marshall
A study finds that users of advanced driver-assistance systems drive 4,888 more miles per year than similar drivers without the feature.

Your Grandma's Tube TV Is the Hottest Gaming Tech

By Aidan Moher
Thanks to a retro gaming renaissance, enthusiasts are scouring online marketplaces for 20-year-old CRTs.

SimpliSafe Is a Hassle-Free Way to Secure Your Home

By Matt Jancer
Is this home monitoring ecosystem really simple and safe? We tried it out for six months.

How Many People Die When Polluters Exceed Their Limits?

By Max G. Levy
A new report tallies the death toll from excess emissions by looking at air pollution and spikes in local ozone levels.

The Many Identity Crises of Sonic the Hedgehog

By Michael J. Seidlinger
Sega's beloved speedster arrived on the scene 30 years ago. Since then, he's gone through numerous transformations—not all for the better.

A Never-Before-Seen Wiper Malware Is Hitting Israeli Targets

By Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
The malicious code, which masquerades as ransomware, appears to come from a hacking group with ties to Iran.

Uber’s Union Deal in the UK Doesn’t Mean Its Battles Are Over

By Natasha Bernal, WIRED UK
The company’s first-ever union agreement could distract from more changes that need to happen, in both the gig economy and governments.

WhatsApp’s Fight With India Has Global Implications

By Varsha Bansal
The country’s “traceability” requirement would undermine the privacy of the encrypted messaging app’s users far beyond its borders.

This Vibrator Is Approachable and Adorable

By Jess Grey
The Dame Pom is a tiny but powerful sex toy, and after more than a year of testing, it's one of our favorites.

Hide Your Instagram Likes—and Be Free

By Arielle Pardes
A feed without likes is far from a revolution. But I want to enjoy this summer with my friends, not my metrics.

The Psychology of Why Fan Art Is So Delightful

By Elisa Shoenberger
Drawing your favorite characters or writing fanfic isn’t just fun. It’s also a way for fans to explore their own identities.

The Space and Air Forces Launch an LGBTQ Task Force

By Sarah Scoles
Ten years after “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” a major general from the Space Force is leading a new inclusion initiative.

How Humanity’s Obsession With Color Shaped Our Modern World

By WIRED Staff
This week, we talk about how the technology we’ve invented to more accurately re-create colors has driven whole civilizations.

NASA’s MOXIE Experiment Is Making Oxygen on Mars

By Eric Niiler
Future crews on the Red Planet will need it to make propellant for the trip home. Scientists are also testing whether oxygen can be extracted from lunar soil.