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This Vibrator Is Approachable and Adorable

By Jess Grey
The Dame Pom is a tiny but powerful sex toy, and after more than a year of testing, it's one of our favorites.

Our Favorite Mattresses Are on Sale for Memorial Day

By Medea Giordano, Gear Team
Whether you want to spend as little as possible or have no budget constraints, you can find a discounted mattress right now.

RevAir's Hair Dryer Is a One-Stop Blow Out Shop

By Medea Giordano
This expensive hair vacuum quickly dries and smoothes kinks out of your hair. It's impressive, if you can afford to pay for it and can store it.

These Headphones Translate Foreign Languages on the Fly

By Christopher Null
The Ambassador app-connected earphones translate human speech into multiple tongues, enabling multilingual conversations.

The Best Sunglasses for Every Outdoor Adventure

By Medea Giordano, Louryn Strampe
Protect your eyes in style while you lounge, run, paddle, or work on your computer outside.

Our Favorite Sun Protection Clothes for Everyday Wear

By Jess Grey
The sun is a giver of lifeβ€”but get too much of it and you’re toast. These are the best hats, arm coverings, and shirts to shield yourself.

Our Favorite Products to Use Over and Over Again

By Medea Giordano, Gear Team
Ditch your single-use products and cut down on waste. Here’s some of our favorite reusables, from water bottles to menstrual products.

The 5 Best Portable Espresso Makers for a Shot on the Go

By Scott Gilbertson
Make a barista-worthy cup on the road, back at camp, or anywhere else, with these handheld machines.