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Google Nest WiFi Review: Home Networking Made Easy

By Scott Gilbertson
If you're already on the Google bandwagon, the Nest WiFi fits well with the company's vision of a connected home.

Apple AirPods Pro Review: The Best Earbuds for iPhone

By Parker Hall
With a comfortable fit, great sound, and awesome noise canceling, these are the best AirPods ever.

Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro Review: An E-Bike Made Just for Women

By Stephanie Pearson
The designers of the Liv Thrive E+ EX-Pro posit that bicycle frames can be tweaked to accommodate the specific needs of more petite, more powerful riders.

Google Stadia Review: It's Getting There

By Jess Grey
Google is a streaming game company now, for better and worse.

The $189,000 DBX SUV Is Here to Save Aston Martin

By Alex Davies
The esteemed brand is following the luxury SUV trend in a bid to expand and diversify its customer base.

Shark IQ Robot Review: Convenience Makes Up for a Low IQ

By Adrienne So
Shark’s first robot vacuum has a self-emptying bin, but it struggles to make a map.

Apple MacBook Pro Review (2019, 16-Inch): A Return to Form

By Julian Chokkattu
The new MacBook Pro is a little boring, but after years of misfires in Apple's laptop lineup, the machine reliably gets the job done.

Beats Solo Pro Review: More Than a Fashion Statement

By Parker Hall
With great battery life, sound, and fit, Beats' latest noise-canceling on-ears are among the best headphones you can buy.

Nokia 6.2 Review: Finicky Cameras Can't Sink This $249 Phone

By Julian Chokkattu
The latest Nokia phone is cheap, but it will get Android updates far longer than many expensive flagship devices.

Aston Martin's $189,000 DBX SUV Conquers the Arabian Desert

By Eric Adams
The luxury brand wants its first SUV to be a multi-terrain all-star, and that means leaving the pavement behind.

Hyundai's Luxury SUV Mixes Mics and Math for a Silent Ride

By Eric Adams
The Genesis GV80 comes with noise-canceling tech to do away with the annoying hum of rolling rubber.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect Review: A Worthwhile But Pricey Cat Toilet

By Jess Grey
The tricked-out litter box answers one of life's great questions: What if my kitty's toilet was a robot?

With In-Car AR, Drivers Get a New View of the Road Ahead

By Alex Davies
Navigation screens with augmented reality are the latest in an arms race among upscale auto makers like Mercedes and Cadillac.

Cricut Joy Review: An Easy Way to Start Crafting

By Louryn Strampe
Cute and compact, this crafting machine is a great entry point for new and aspiring artists.

Levy Plus Review: A Comfy, Affordable Electric Scooter

By Adrienne So
This mid-level electric scooter has all the bells and whistles you need and doesn't cost almost four figures.

Insta360 One R Review: A Smarter, Modular Action Camera

By Scott Gilbertson
The company's latest shooter blends the best of action and 360-degree cameras into one sweet, modular package.

Coway Bidetmega 400 Review: A Glorious Way to Clean Your Derrière

By Parker Hall
Everything is going to hell. You may as well enjoy a sparkling undercarriage.

How a Street-Smart Supercar Got Ready for the Racetrack

By Eric Adams
To build an NSX for racing, Acura had to "dumb down" its model by omitting its smartest part: the electric motor.
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Embr Wave Review: The End of Thermostat Wars

By Matt Jancer
Too cold or hot at the office? This wearable tricks your brain into thinking your body is at a comfortable temperature.