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How to Prepare for Climate Change's Most Immediate Impacts

By Emma Pattee
The effects of the climate crisis are happening right now. From natural disasters to supply chain shortages, here's how to cope.

The Mega-Guide to Fixing Your Own iPhone

By Simon Hill
Battery not holding a charge? Wi-Fi woes? We break down ways to solve almost any issue you can think of.

An Injection of Chaos Solves a Decades-Old Fluid Mystery

By Adam Mann
In the 1960s, drillers noticed that certain fluids would firm up if they flowed too fast. Researchers have finally explained why.

Home Cooks, You Should Be Pre-Salting Your Vegetables

By Joe Ray
Brining veggies or tossing them with salt before cooking is a simple and foolproof way to unleash more flavor.

Our Favorite Period Products

By Medea Giordano
Try a subscription serviceβ€”or opt for budget- and eco-friendly gear like a menstrual cup, period underwear, or reusable pads.

Google's Alleged Scheme to Corner the Online Ad Market

By Gilad Edelman
A newly unredacted legal filing sheds light on internal programs that antitrust enforcers argue advantaged Google at the expense of advertisers and publishers.

How to Reboot Your Gadgets and How Often to Do It

By Simon Hill
Your IT department is right. Turning your electronics off and on again is so helpful that you might want to schedule regular reboots.

North Korean Hackers Stole Nearly $400M in Crypto Last Year

By Andy Greenberg
The regime had a β€œbanner year,” thanks to skyrocketing cryptocurrency values and a new generation of vulnerable startups.

This Treadmill Invites You to β€˜BYO Screen’ for Connected Workouts

By Billy Brown
The Horizon 7.8 AT pairs with your tablet or phone, then lets you use whatever workout app you like as you sweat away.

The Best Starting Words to Win at Wordle

By Harry Guinness
Want a leg up at the word game that everyone's talking about? These tips can help you dive in more easily.

NSO Group Spyware Targeted Dozens of Reporters in El Salvador

By Lily Hay Newman
The newly disclosed campaign shows how little the company has done to curb abuses of its powerful surveillance tools.
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US-China Trade Tensions Threaten Europe's Biggest Tech Company

By Morgan Meaker
ASML quietly built a chip machine manufacturing empire but a sales ban on its most advanced tech in China may hinder its growth plans.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Start a Someday-Maybe-Later List

By Stacy S. Kim
Replace that endless to-do list with a system that helps you prioritize your goals and dreams.

The FTC Wants Companies to Find Log4j Fast. It Won't Be Easy

By Chris Stokel-Walker
The critical vulnerability is buried among endless open source code, and many cyber experts are stumped.

Detailed Footage Finally Reveals What Triggers Lightning

By Thomas Lewton
The first detailed observations of lightning's emergence inside a cloud have exposed how electric fields grow strong enough to let bolts fly.

How to Watch Movies in Virtual Reality

By Reece Rogers
Setting up a VR cinema is simple and proves your headset is more than just a Beat Saber machine.

Reset Your Computer Once a Year for a Happier Life

By David Nield, Reece Rogers
It's easier than ever to restore your Mac, PC, or Chromebook to factory conditionsβ€”and you'll be surprised at how much zip it'll add.

Distance Wireless Charging Made a Minor Comeback at CES 2022

By Simon Hill
The potential of truly wire-free power is exciting, but tangible products remain elusive.

Watch Highlights From WIRED HQ at CES

By WIRED Staff
We’re not in Vegas, but we still had a packed day of conversations on the latest from the giant technology showcase.

Sonos’ Patent Win Will Change Google’s Smart Speakersβ€”for Now

By Lauren Goode
Your Google speakers will lose some of their features in an upcoming software update. Here's what that means.