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As Chips Shrink, Rowhammer Attacks Get Harder to Stop

By Lily Hay Newman
A full fix for the “Half-Double” technique will require rethinking how memory semiconductors are designed.

One Man’s Amazing Journey to the Center of the Bowling Ball

By Brendan I. Koerner
Mo Pinel spent a career reshaping the ball’s inner core to harness the power of physics. He revolutionized the sport—and spared no critics along the way.

When Driving Is (Partially) Automated, People Drive More

By Aarian Marshall
A study finds that users of advanced driver-assistance systems drive 4,888 more miles per year than similar drivers without the feature.

Your Grandma's Tube TV Is the Hottest Gaming Tech

By Aidan Moher
Thanks to a retro gaming renaissance, enthusiasts are scouring online marketplaces for 20-year-old CRTs.

A Never-Before-Seen Wiper Malware Is Hitting Israeli Targets

By Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
The malicious code, which masquerades as ransomware, appears to come from a hacking group with ties to Iran.

This Vibrator Is Approachable and Adorable

By Jess Grey
The Dame Pom is a tiny but powerful sex toy, and after more than a year of testing, it's one of our favorites.

Hide Your Instagram Likes—and Be Free

By Arielle Pardes
A feed without likes is far from a revolution. But I want to enjoy this summer with my friends, not my metrics.

The Bizarro Streaming Site That Hackers Built From Scratch

By Brian Barrett
BravoMovies isn’t real. But it goes to a remarkable amount of trouble to convince you that it is.

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Memes

By David Nield
Your idea is destined to go viral. These sites and apps can help.

Sleep Evolved Before Brains. Hydras Are Living Proof

By Veronique Greenwood
Some of nature’s simplest animals suggest that sleep evolved long before centralized nervous systems.

Remote Weddings and Memorials Are Here to Stay. Be Prepared

By Susan Shapiro
Are you Zooming, streaming, or Skyping big life events? Here’s how to better prepare for tech glitches so you can get to the church on time.

How to Game on a PC When You Can’t Find a Graphics Card

By Whitson Gordon
Don’t want to get scammed by a scalper or pay more than double for a new GPU? We have some tips to help you keep gaming without emptying your wallet.

This Dam Acts Like a Water Cannon. Let’s Do Some Physics!

By Rhett Allain
Like a giant bucket with a hole, the Funil Hydropower Plant sprays out an enormous jet of water. We can use its speed to calculate the depth of the reservoir.

Indie Video Games Have Finally Embraced the Tabletop Scene

By Luke Winkie
Video games like Monster Train, Slay The Spire, and Gordian Quest use decks, cards, and dice rolls to stake their claim.

The Mayor of Reno Is Betting Big on the Blockchain

By Gregory Barber
Hillary Schieve invests in cryptocurrencies herself, and she sees the technology as a way to improve government services.

New to Vinyl Records? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Orlando Mendiola
Before you go shopping for turntables, cartridges, and headphones, here are a few things to remember as you start your journey into records.

Ransomware Hits a Food Supply Giant—and Underscores Dire Risk

By Lily Hay Newman
Hackers targeting JBS USA have disrupted meat processing facilities around the world, just one month after the Colonial Pipeline attack caused fuel distribution havoc.

How Apps and VR Therapy Can Help OCD Patients

By Jaime Stathis
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is often misunderstood. Here’s what it is, and how those with OCD can use technology to help navigate uncertainty.

Lyft’s Revamped Bike-Share Ebike Is Sleek—and Beefy

By Julian Chokkattu
It’s got a better motor, a bigger battery, and a flashy paint job. Riders in San Francisco will soon be able to take the public beta for a spin.