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Yesterday β€” July 2nd 2020Articles on TechRepublic

57% of employees second-guessing careers during COVID-19 pandemic

Many workers said they are more motivated to be employed at a company that values its staff during unpredictable times, Robert Half found.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 19:20

What the Apple transition to in-house components means for tech leaders

Apple has announced new in-house components, most notably its CPUs. Here's how this could change the IT landscape.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 19:16

9 super-smart problem solvers take on bias in AI, microplastics, and language lessons for chatbots

These members of MIT's latest 35 Under 35 list are engineers, chemists, and researchers working for universities, startups, and big tech companies.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 19:13

Ford announces deal with TomTom for next-generation predictive traffic system

Just days after unveiling the 2021 Ford F-150, the motor company has even more news left in the tank featuring a new partnership to power SYNC 4.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 17:22

30 digital trends across 5 industries during COVID-19

Consumer tech, B2B SaaS, streaming media, e-commerce and marketplaces, and Fintech all saw unusual growth in application use, Amplitude found.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 16:46

COVID-19: Gen Z workers are struggling with careers and worried about the future

Interviews cancelled, reduced hours and pay, and furlough: Gen Z gives insight into its uncertain future in a new study from
  • July 2nd 2020 at 16:38

Trojans, backdoors, and trojan-droppers among most analyzed cyberthreats

Almost three quarters of all requests for analysis to Kaspersky's Threat Intelligence Portal were for trojans, backdoors, and droppers.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 15:36

US schools have lost 24.5 million records in breaches since 2005

A report from Comparitech found that since 2005 K–12 districts and colleges/universities have been attacked more than 1,300 times.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 15:18

Is GNOME or Unity the desktop for you?

It's 2020, and we're talking about the Unity desktop again. Jack Wallen discusses the pros and cons of GNOME and Unity and offers his opinion on which desktop might be right for you.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 14:34

Using the Pomodoro technique to become your own boss

The method helps people structure daily workflows in a more efficient, personalized way. So what is the '80s technique and how does it work?
  • July 2nd 2020 at 14:21

My Invisalign app uses machine learning and facial recognition to sell the benefits of dental work

Align Technology uses DevSecOps tactics to keep complex projects on track and align business and IT goals.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 13:57

Improving LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace: Where we are and what companies still need to do

Progress has been made on supporting LGBTQ+ rights in the workplaceβ€”but new research shows that more needs to be done.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 13:44

Job openings rebound in June, but not for the tech sector

Businesses are hiring despite surging coronavirus cases; only tech jobs have been left out of the rebound, Glassdoor found.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 13:38

7 face masks that contribute to charity

Face masks are shifting from a precautionary measure to a necessity. Here are some that will both offer protection and help a good cause.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 12:00

Zoom: We've delivered on all of our security and privacy promises, apart from one

CEO Eric Yuan said the company had been working to improve safety, privacy and security, but has pushed back the date for its transparency report.
  • July 2nd 2020 at 11:33

On the road againβ€”or notβ€”this holiday weekend

87% of Americans are planning to stay home or local for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a new survey finds.
  • July 1st 2020 at 22:00

Apple to reclose 30 more US stores amid COVID-19 case spike in seven states

On Thursday, Apple will shut down additional stores across Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada and Oklahoma, joining 16 other stores that have already been reclosed this week.
  • July 1st 2020 at 21:44

3 big data lessons from a COVID-19 mapping and modeling project

Gathering data at the speed of life can make it hard to discern real information from a large amount of input. One data modeling and mapping project was able to make it work.
  • July 1st 2020 at 21:24

Build your own home data center to help re-engage your technical brain

As technology leaders it's easy to get disconnected from the technology part of our role. Here are three simple home technology projects to experiment with.
  • July 1st 2020 at 20:55

Survey: Robotics usage on the rise

Robots don't play a significant role in industries -- yet -- but respondents expect that to change soon.
  • July 1st 2020 at 20:39