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Yesterday — July 2nd 2020Wired

‘Covid Parties’ Are Not a Thing

By Gilad Edelman
No, Alabama frat boys aren’t doing snot shots and betting on who can get sick first. Why does the media keep suggesting otherwise?

How Masks Went From Don’t-Wear to Must-Have During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Megan Molteni, Adam Rogers
Public health messaging and science have to work hard to stay in sync during a crisis. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they haven’t always succeeded.

5G Was Going to Unite the World—Instead It's Tearing Us Apart

By Will Knight
Divisions over technical standards and the role of China's Huawei are jeopardizing the rollout of superfast connections.

What Trump's Twitter and Clinton's Sax Have in Common

By Philip M. Napoli
In some ways, Trump's use of social media follows a history of politicians sidestepping media gatekeepers that dates back to FDR. In others, he's a complete anomaly.

HiMirror Slide Review: A Smart Mirror for Your Makeup or Beauty Routine

By Medea Giordano
This tablet-mirror hybrid can analyze your skin, keep track of your skincare products, and is a handy way to follow makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Women’s Roller Derby Has a Plan for Covid, and It Kicks Ass

By Christie Aschwanden
While baseball, basketball, and other sports struggle to adapt, an international team of skater-experts has figured out a safer way to play.

Your Firework Smoke Could Be Tainted With Lead

By Matt Simon
It may be the most unpatriotic toxicology study ever, but so be it: Metals give fireworks their color, but some manufacturers are slipping in toxins.

WIRED’s Ultimate Summer Reading List

By WIRED Staff
Summer is as much a season as a mindset—a sunny thing to escape to. Here are some weird, wild books to help get you there.

4th of July Sales (2020): 25 Best Mattress and Tech Deals This Weekend

By Adrienne So
From mattresses to laptops, we'll meet all of your stay-at-home holiday tech needs here.

New Mac Ransomware Is Even More Sinister Than It Appears

By Lily Hay Newman
The malware known as ThiefQuest or EvilQuest also has spyware capabilities that allow it to grab passwords and credit card numbers.

What Disbanding the Police Really Meant in Camden, New Jersey

By Sidney Fussell
Since the city overhauled its force in 2012, reported crimes fell, but electronic surveillance increased. Some community activists are unhappy.

Behind Bars, but Still Posting on TikTok

By Louise Matsakis
The lives of incarcerated people are usually hidden from society. On prison TikTok, they’re going viral.

How to Take Photos of Fireworks With Your Phone

By WIRED Staff
Use these battle-tested tips and camera settings to capture dramatic photos of those explosions in the sky.

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack - July 2020

By WIRED Staff
This month’s focus is on Maria Ressa, editor of the news website Rappler, who was convicted of cyber libel in the Philippines last month.

The Best Smartphones That Still Have a Headphone Jack (2020)

By Julian Chokkattu, Brian Barrett
3.5-millimeter audio jacks are endangered, but they’re not extinct yet. Here are some of our favorite smartphones that still let you plug in.

Virtual Criminal Justice May Make the System More Equitable

By Lucy Lang
Courtrooms can't afford to go back to their inefficient, inaccessible "normal." The innovative practices that arose from this pandemic need to be implemented now.

Pivo Pod Review: A Camera Assistant for Aspiring Social Media Stars

By Medea Giordano
Bored in the house and you're in the house bored? This rotating gadget takes the effort out of capturing fun, quirky videos.

What the Data Really Says About Women Leaders and the Pandemic

By Hilda Bastian
Two new research papers try to shed some light on a popular theory, but the evidence is still very weak—and could point to confirmation bias.

Where Should Covid-19 Vaccines Be Tested? It's a Moving Target

By Maryn McKenna
Developers need to test in hotspots, but those keep changing. And they must avoid ethical problems, like testing in low-income areas but only selling in rich ones.

Leigh Stein's 'Self Care' and the Death of the Girlboss

By Kate Knibbs
The author's new novel is wildly prescient when it comes to the fortunes of female founders.