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Today — April 22nd 2021Wired

Palestinian Hackers Tricked Victims to Install iOS Spyware

By Lily Hay Newman
The groups used social engineering techniques on Facebook to direct targets to a wide range of malware, including custom tools.

A Clubhouse Bug Let People Lurk in Rooms Invisibly

By Lily Hay Newman
The vulnerabilities opened the door to “ghosts” hiding in and disrupting rooms, where moderators would be unable to mute them.

Time Travel in Video Games Isn’t Really Cheating

By Swapna Krishna
Games like Animal Crossing and Cozy Grove are meant to be played every day, but who’s got that kind of time?

Help! How Do I Plan a Virtual Work Hang That's Actually Fun?

By Megan Greenwell
Online office events are never going to be a blast. But Megan has a few ideas for how to make them suck less.

A Linguistic Guide to Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

By Amy Briscoe
Ubisoft consulted with native Welsh speakers, 13th-century Icelandic texts, and Gaelic scholars to create the game's lingua-scape.

Can an App Help Change Your Personality?

By Kasra Zarei
Want to be more sociable or less of a doormat? There's an (experimental) app for that.

Don't Underestimate the Challenge of Building a PC

By Alex Cranz
Building your own computer isn't exactly “adult Lego,” but that doesn't mean it's not worth doing. You just need to know what you're in for first.

Need an Angel Investor? Just Open Up Clubhouse

By Arielle Pardes
Consider it like 'Shark Tank' on your phone: Every week on Angelhouse, founders make a pitch to a panel of investors as hundreds of people listen in.

AirTags Are the Perfectly Boring, Functional Future of AR

By Lauren Goode
Apple’s new location-aware widgets point to the company’s possible larger ambitions for augmented reality.

Apple Stuffs the iPad Pro With a New Display and Its Mac M1 Chip

By Julian Chokkattu
The new high-end tablet uses Mini-LED display technology, supports Thunderbolt, and has the powerful new Mac processor.

Everything Apple Announced Today: New iMacs, iPads, AirTags

By Gear Team
Say hello to new iMacs, new iPads Pro, an updated Apple TV, and some little wireless trackers that keep tabs on your tchotchkes.

Could Bad Guys Actually Escape Falcon in a Wingsuit for Two?

By Rhett Allain
In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a villain straps a hostage to his wingsuit and leaps off a plane. Cue the action—and the fun physics.

IKEA's Revamped AR App Lets You Design Entire Rooms

By Jeremy White, Wired UK
The furniture company is going beyond its Place app with IKEA Studio, a much-needed overhaul of its augmented reality offering.

How to Rank Up In Overwatch, According to the Pros

By Reece Rogers
Whether you are brand new to the game or have played every season, these strategies are worth trying.

NFTs and AI Are Unsettling the Very Concept of History

By Rick Prelinger
Non-fungible tokens and artificial intelligence make tracing the origins of a digital object more fragile. What are the world’s archivists to do?

Watch Today’s Apple Event Right Here

By Gear Team
The company is expected to unveil some new hardware Tuesday morning. Stream the big show with us.

They Hacked McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines—and Started a Cold War

By Andy Greenberg
Secret codes. Legal threats. Betrayal. How one couple built a device to fix McDonald’s notoriously broken soft-serve machines—and how the fast-food giant froze them out.

After a Year Vaping With the Pax Era Pro, It’s All I Want

By Parker Hall
Pax’s portable weed pen is the perfect accessory for the BYO world.