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Trials of Plasma From Recovered Covid-19 Patients Have Begun

By Adam Rogers
US Food and Drug Administration officials approved nationwide tests of two treatments, both derived from the blood of people who have survived the disease.

Google Reveals Location Data to Help the Coronavirus Response

By Klint Finley
The search giant is disclosing trends in visits to broad categories of places, as a tool for public health officials.

The Biggest Coronavirus Myths, Busted

By Matt Simon
No, drinking water won’t flush the virus out of your mouth. Here’s how to inoculate yourself against bad Covid-19 information.

Wellness Influencers Sell False Promises As Coronavirus Fears Soar

By Arielle Pardes
Tips for staying active during the pandemic are one thing. But some influencers are pushing unscientific claims about "immunity boosting" merch.

So Wait, How Encrypted Are Zoom Meetings Really?

By Lily Hay Newman
The service's mixed messages have frustrated cryptographers, as the US government and other sensitive organizations increasingly depend on it.

Covid-19 Is Killing More Men Than Womenβ€”Here Are Some Theories

By Sabrina Weiss, WIRED UK
Scientists can’t say for certain why the current pandemic is discriminating by sex, but it likely comes down to biology, lifestyle, and behavior.Β 

Thousands of Android Apps Are Silently Accessing Your Data

By Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
More than 4,000 Google Play apps let developers and advertisers collect a list of the user's other installed apps, no permission needed.

The Right Gear for Your Home Tool Kit: Hammers, Screwdrivers, and More

By Matt Jancer
Here's all the gear you need to handle any DIY job, from basic repairs to more ambitious home improvement projects.

For Open-Source Ventilators, Making Them Is the Easy Part

By Steven Levy
Plus: The DIY movement, the Long Tail theory of the internet, and wild animals in the streets.

Automation May Take Jobsβ€”but AI Will Create Them

By Kevin Scott
A Silicon Valley executive returns home to the rural South to see for himself the ways in which AI is affecting the local economy.

The 'Resident Evil 3' Remake Seems Doomed to Fail

By Julie Muncy
The latest reboot is trying to be a missing link, but it ends up being too much.

How to Refuel a Nuclear Power Plant During a Pandemic

By Daniel Oberhaus
To swap out the spent uranium rods, hundreds of technicians from around the country must work in close quarters for weeks. That’s a challenge during a quarantine.

How We Ended Up Short on Medical Equipment

By WIRED Staff
This week, we discuss the nationwide shortage of ventilators and protective equipment, and how we’re going to deal with it amid the coronavirus pandemic.

My Phone Keeps Me Sane During This Crisis … and Insane, Too

By Collier Meyerson
What happens when the only device that can make you stop crying is exactly the device that is making you cry?

The Best 'Work From Home' Gear: Our Home Office Tech Guide

By Julian Chokkattu
Do you need a monitor, desk, webcam, laptop, microphone, or pair of headphones? Here's our ultimate laundry list of recommended gear to improve your new home office.

New Yorkers, Once Again at Ground Zero, in Their Own Words

By Garrett M. Graff
This week in our living oral history, the city’s residentsβ€”from the great to the humbleβ€”try to come to grips with a metropolis under assault by a virus.

Delivery Apps Offer Restaurants a Lifelineβ€”at a Cost

By Sidney Fussell
Social distancing rules have reduced many eateries to delivery and take out. But apps like Uber Eats exact a 25 percent toll on their shrinking revenue.

Short Fiction: β€˜Indivisible City’ by Daniel Torday

By Daniel Torday
β€œIt is a contagion, this need to wear a mask, not unlike the contagion the mask is meant to repel.”

How a Real Dog Taught a Robot Dog to Walk

By Matt Simon
Instead of coding a mechanical quadruped's movements line by line, Google researchers fed it videos of real-life pups. Now it can even chase its tail.

The High-Stakes Race to Build More Ventilators

By Alex Davies
The US is short of ventilators to help Covid-19 patients breathe. Ford, GM, and satellite-launch company Virgin Orbit are trying to fill the gap.