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Yesterday β€” January 17th 2022Wired

Global Ship Traffic Could Imperil the Antarctic's Biosecurity

By Doug Johnson, Ars Technica
Vessels from more than 1,500 ports have visited the region since 2014. Each one is a threat to introduce invasive species.

Tabletop RPG Rule Books Can Be Beautiful and Accessible

By Pearse Anderson
Role-playing rule books are being designed to be more experimental and unique. Here’s how they can be designed for accessibility, too.

Gig Workers Were Promised a Better Deal. Then They Were Outsourced

By Morgan Meaker
A new subcontractor industry in Europe is benefiting from platforms’ efforts to clean up their image and comply with stricter employment rules.

Is There Really Such a Thing as Low-Carbon Beef?

By Matt Reynolds
The USDA is making it easier for farmers to market their meat as β€œlow-carbon.” Not everyone is happy about it.

China’s β€˜People’s Courts’ Resolve Online Disputes at Tech Firms

By Jennifer Conrad
No garlic on the oysters? Soup stained a blanket? Panels of users hear the complaints and can order refunds or removal of critical reviews.

Inside the Student-Led Covid Walkouts

By Pia Ceres
US high school students are demanding safer classrooms, and they’re mobilizing through group chats, Google Docs, and homespun social media campaigns.

Yellowjackets Is the Internet's Favorite Anti-Internet Show

By Angela Watercutter
Its story begins in the halcyon days before smartphones took over teens’ lives. Of course, everyone on social media is obsessed.

Destructive Hacks Against Ukraine Echo Its Last Cyberwar

By Andy Greenberg
A data wiper posing as ransomware bears a discomfiting resemblance to the earlier wave of Russian cyberattacks that ended with NotPetya.

How to Prepare for Climate Change's Most Immediate Impacts

By Emma Pattee
The effects of the climate crisis are happening right now. From natural disasters to supply chain shortages, here's how to cope.

Our 4 Favorite Electric Kick Scooters

By Julian Chokkattu
These WIRED-tested e-scooters will help you scoot scoot scoot around town.

How Apple's iCloud Private Relay Can Keep You Safe

By David Nield
The newest security measure is still in beta. But if you want to make use of it, here's what you need to know.

Meet Our New Favorite Travel Mug

By Joe Ray
The Oxo Good Grips Thermal Mug keeps your coffee nice and hotβ€”and it's dishwasher-safe!

The Mega-Guide to Fixing Your Own iPhone

By Simon Hill
Battery not holding a charge? Wi-Fi woes? We break down ways to solve almost any issue you can think of.

An Injection of Chaos Solves a Decades-Old Fluid Mystery

By Adam Mann
In the 1960s, drillers noticed that certain fluids would firm up if they flowed too fast. Researchers have finally explained why.

Games Bring Space Exploration Home. But They Omit the Full Risks

By Ramin Skibba
There’s something trickier than teaching players to design rockets and navigate radiation.

Home Cooks, You Should Be Pre-Salting Your Vegetables

By Joe Ray
Brining veggies or tossing them with salt before cooking is a simple and foolproof way to unleash more flavor.

When It Comes to Health Care, AI Has a Long Way to Go

By Tom Simonite
Medical information is more complex and less available than the web data that many algorithms were trained on, so results can be misleading.

Our Favorite Period Products

By Medea Giordano
Try a subscription serviceβ€”or opt for budget- and eco-friendly gear like a menstrual cup, period underwear, or reusable pads.

A Teen Took Control of Teslas by Hacking a Third-Party App

By Brian Barrett
Plus: Open source sabotage, Ukrainian website hacks, and more of the week's top security news.

Old Climate Clues Shed New Light on History

By Jacques Leslie
Historians are reexamining eras of social turmoil and linking them to volcanic eruptions, prolonged droughts, and other disturbances in the natural world.