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Uber's Now a Food Delivery Companyβ€”and It's Still Losing Money

By Aarian Marshall
The pandemic has slashed demand for rides and boosted orders for UberEats. Neither segment is profitable.

Chinese Hackers Have Pillaged Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry

By Andy Greenberg
A campaign called Operation Skeleton Key has stolen source code, software development kits, chip designs, and more.

Why Do Razor Blades Get Dull So Quickly?

By Eric Niiler
An MIT team tackled the mystery of why something as soft as hair can erode a steel blade, hoping to figure out how to make shaving tools last longer.

The US Is Disastrously Behind in Coronavirus Testing. Again

By Megan Molteni
With coronavirus infections rampant in parts of the nation, backlogs are preventing people from getting timely test results, hampering efforts to contain the virus.

The Quest to Liberate $300,000 of Bitcoin From an Old Zip File

By Lily Hay Newman
The story of a guy who wouldn't let a few quintillion possible decryption keys stand between him and his cryptocurrency.

Microsoft’s Roots in China Have Positioned It to Buy TikTok

By Will Knight
Alumni of the software giant’s Beijing research lab are now executives at Alibaba, Tencent, SenseTimeβ€”and TikTok parent ByteDance.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Review: The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones

By Parker Hall
These noise-canceling headphones silence the world better than most, and the mics are now actually usable on phone calls.

Facebook Has More to Learn From the Ad Boycott

By Steven Levy
Rashad Robinson, an organizer behind the Stop Hate for Profit boycott, says civil rights groups can’t be left to police the company by themselves.

The Feds Want These Teams to Hack a Satelliteβ€”From Home

By Sarah Scoles
Meet the hackers who, this weekend, will try to commandeer an actual orbiter as part of a Defcon contest hosted by the Air Force and the Defense Digital Service.

The Subtle Tricks Shopping Sites Use to Make You Spend More

By Louise Matsakis
Through deceptive designs known as β€œdark patterns,” online retailers try to nudge you toward purchases you wouldn’t otherwise make.

Could a Janky, Jury-Rigged Air Purifier Help Fight Covid-19?

By Adam Rogers
Indoor-air experts think: Sure, maybe. Why the hell not? We convinced the CEO of an air filter company to give it a try.

Israeli Hackers Develop Tech to Combat Domestic Violence

By Flora Tsapovsky
A three-day hackathon produced a promising set of mobile apps for helping women in crisis, and for stopping violence against women before it occurs.

Dutch Hackers Found a Simple Way to Mess With Traffic Lights

By Andy Greenberg
By reverse engineering apps intended for cyclists, security researchers found they could cause delays in at least 10 cities from anywhere in the world.

Voting Machine Makers Are Finally Playing Nice With Hackers

By Lily Hay Newman
After years of secrecy, one major election tech company is giving more hackers a look under the hood.

Trump's TikTok Drama Is a Distraction

By Louise Matsakis
As the White House zeroes in on a single app, some experts say more pressing issues are going by the wayside.

Cheap, Easy Deepfakes Are Getting Closer to the Real Thing

By Tom Simonite
Using open-source software and less than $100, a researcher was able to create plausible images and audio of actor Tom Hanks.

Mulan, Tenet, and the Future of Going to the Movies

By Angela Watercutter
In 2020, America may ruin the American movie-going experience. But hey, if you’re willing to plop down 30 bucks, you’ll be able to watch Mulan next month.

10 Best Android Phones (Unlocked): Our Top Picks for 2020

By Julian Chokkattu, Jeffrey Van Camp
WIRED Tested. Shopping for a new phone can be an ordeal. Let us take some of the pain out of it with these picks and tips.

iOS 14’s Best Privacy Feature? Catching Data-Grabbing Apps

By Alex Lee, WIRED UK
Apple's new operating system hasn't been released to the public yet, but its new permission notifications are already shaming developers into cleaning up their acts.