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The Metaverse Land Rush Is an Illusion

By Eric Ravenscraft
The β€œreal estate of the future” is plagued by buggy software, empty servers, and huge opportunities for abuse.

The Escapist Fantasy of NFT Games Is Capitalism

By Cecilia D'Anastasio, Gian M. Volpicelli
In blockchain-based video games like Axie Infinity, wealthier players are becoming bosses in a flourishing international labor market.

What Is Web3, Anyway?

By Gilad Edelman
Gavin Wood, who coined the term Web3 in 2014, believes decentralized technologies are the only hope of preserving liberal democracy.

You Can Get This Free Cryptoβ€”If the β€˜Orb’ Scans Your Eye

By Gian M. Volpicelli, Wired UK
Worldcoin’s backers see it as a potential first step to a universal basic income.

China's Sweeping Cryptocurrency Ban Was Inevitable

By Gian Volpicelli, Wired UK
The decentralized technology clashes with the government’s plans for a state-dominated economyβ€”one that includes its own digital currency.

New Regulation Could Cause a Split in the Crypto Community

By Gian Volpicelli, Wired UK
An article in the infrastructure bill led cryptocurrency to acquire a great marker of prestige: a lobby. But can it keep a united front?

China Has Triggered a Bitcoin Mining Exodus

By Gian Volpicelli, Wired UK
The promise of a crackdown is sending the country's crypterati scrambling for the exit.

The Mayor of Reno Is Betting Big on the Blockchain

By Gregory Barber
Hillary Schieve invests in cryptocurrencies herself, and she sees the technology as a way to improve government services.