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The Myth of Technophobia

By Cal Newport
Opinion: From the telegraph to cars, we've never feared tech as much as we think we have.

One Very Specific Reason Rami Malek Deserved His 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Oscar

By Angela Watercutter
It has to do with how the actor playing Freddie Mercury managed those prosthetic teeth.

Marketers Wanted a New Generation to Target, Hence Alphas

By Emma Grey Ellis
Members of the latest age group to emerge are barely out of diapers, and the internet is already serving them ads.

James Gunn Tweeted 'The Suicide Squad' Cast and It's Insane

By Angela Watercutter
Also: J.J. Abrams just signed a multimillion-dollar deal, and RIP, MoviePass.

The 11 Best New TV Shows Coming This Fallβ€”From 'Watchmen' to 'Mandalorian'

By WIRED Staff
In the streaming age, there are always new shows. But this fall in particular has some unique treats. (Hello, Disney+!)
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Apple TV+ Launches November 1; Subs Will Cost $5 a Month

By Peter Rubin
Another giant joins the streaming fray.

Fighting Instagram's $1.3 Billion Problemβ€”Fake Followers

By Emma Grey Ellis
As influencers strive for ever-higher engagement numbers, the battle between fake followers and fake-follower-detection tools is turning into an arms race.

'It Chapter Two' Ruled the Box Office This Weekend

By Angela Watercutter
It fell short of beating its predecessor, though. Also, 'Joker' won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival and Kristen Stewart wants to play a gay superhero.

Amazon Employees Will Walk Out Over Climate Change Inaction

By Louise Matsakis
The planned event will mark the first time in Amazon's 25-year history that workers at the company's Seattle headquarters have participated in a strike.

The Lovability of Malcolm Gladwell: A Gladwellian Analysis

By Jason Kehe
In which the journalist's podcast and new book, *Talking to Strangers*, are reviewed on his own terms.

The Boston Straight Pride Parade Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

By Graeme McMillan
Also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a very bad week and Walmart took a stand to curb gun violence.

Concerning Consent, Chappelle, and Canceling Cancel Culture

By Emma Grey Ellis
Dave Chappelle hates cancel culture. Some people have canceled him. Should we just cancel cancel culture already?

Everyone Should Celebrate Their Love for Dungeons & Dragons

By Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
It took author Matt Bell a while to get there, but now he encourages everyone to do the same.

Employee survey startup Culture Amp closes $82M round led by Sequoia China

By Lucas Matney

Each unhappy startup may be unhappy in its own way, but there’s still wisdom in understanding what drives employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction across companies.

Culture Amp is just one of the companies aiming to help employees anonymously express how they feel about their place of work, but the Melbourne company is using the anonymized employee survey data from thousands of customers to help them learn from each other and chart which initiatives made a dent.

The eight-year-old startup has picked up a new bout of funding to help it extend its base of customers further.

Culture Amp just closed a sizable $82 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital China with participation from Sapphire Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Index Ventures, Blackbird Ventures, Hostplus, Skip Capital, Grok Ventures, Global Founders Capital and TDM Growth Partners.

The company’s Series E doubles the company’s total funding raised to date, which now sits at $158 million. Culture Amp closed its last major round of funding β€” a $40 million Series D β€” in July of last year.

The company’s subscription survey software gives customers all of the templates, questions and analytics that they need to track employee sentiment and visualize the data that they get back. The software can be used for things like quarterly engagement surveys, but it can also power performance reviews, goal-setting and self-reflections.

Employee surveys are certainly nothing revolutionary, but Culture Amp is trying to improve the process by helping its customers start to bring anonymous feedback to the team level so that employees can give more direct feedback to their managers.

CEO Didier Elzinga tells me the company now has 2,500 customers with a collective 3 million Culture Amp employee surveys under their belts. Elzinga tells TechCrunch that harnessing the collective intelligence of its network to predict things like employee turnover is perhaps one of its strongest value propositions.

β€œOnce you understand the experience that people are having, once you know where you should focus, how do we actually help you act on it?” he tells TechCrunch. β€œA large part is bringing to bear the collective intelligence of the thousands of companies we already have so that you can learn from people that have suffered from the same sorts of problems.”

The 400-person company’s customers include McDonald’s, Salesforce, Slack and Airbnb.

A Happy Birthday Video from Caitlyn Jenner? $2,500, Please

By Arielle Pardes
On Cameo, you can buy personalized video messages from a marketplace of 20,000 celebrities.

Trump's Hurricane Plan Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

By Graeme McMillan
The answer, dear reader, is no. Plus: Amazon on fire, Hong Kong in turmoil, genes for queerness, and more.

Netflix Cancelling 'The OA' Is a Tragedy

By Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
The sci-fi drama is one of the most unusual and daring shows in years.

Telltale Games Seems to Be Rising From the Dead

By Julie Muncy
Also, 'Destiny 2' is getting something that looks like a Battle Pass and there might be new 'Witcher' games on the way.

Depth of Field: Visual Poetry in the Chicken Sandwich War

By Jason Parham
This one paradoxical photo captures the essence of unmet fried-food desires.