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North Korean Hackers Stole Nearly $400M in Crypto Last Year

By Andy Greenberg
The regime had a β€œbanner year,” thanks to skyrocketing cryptocurrency values and a new generation of vulnerable startups.

NSO Group Spyware Targeted Dozens of Reporters in El Salvador

By Lily Hay Newman
The newly disclosed campaign shows how little the company has done to curb abuses of its powerful surveillance tools.
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The FTC Wants Companies to Find Log4j Fast. It Won't Be Easy

By Chris Stokel-Walker
The critical vulnerability is buried among endless open source code, and many cyber experts are stumped.

Hackers Are Exploiting a Flaw Microsoft Fixed 9 Years Ago

By Lily Hay Newman
Unless you go out of your way to install the patch, your system could be exposed.

The Worst Hacks of 2021

By Lily Hay Newman
It was a year of ransomware, surveillance, data breaches, and yes, more ransomware.

Google Warns That NSO Hacking Is On Par With Elite Spy Groups

By Lily Hay Newman
ForcedEntry is β€œone of the most technically sophisticated exploits” Project Zero security researchers have ever seen.

The Log4J Vulnerability Will Haunt the Internet for Years

By Lily Hay Newman
Hundreds of millions of devices are likely affected.

Malicious Google Play Apps Stole User Banking Info

By Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
Using tricks to sidestep the app store's restrictions, malware operators pillaged passwords, keystrokes, and other data.

A Hacking Spree Against Iran Spills Out Into the Real World

By Matt Burgess
Hackers have targeted the country's trains, gas stations, and airline infrastructure, as cyber conflict with Israel continues to escalate.

Hackers Targeted Hong Kong Apple Devices in Widespread Attack

By Lily Hay Newman
Visitors to pro-democracy and media sites in the region were infected with malware that could download files, steal data, and more.

RE:WIRED 2021: Jen Easterly Wants Hackers to Help US Cyber Defense

By Graham Hacia
The retired Army officer played offense at the NSA and the Pentagon. Now she's learning to play defense.

An Apparent Ransomware Hack Puts the NRA in a Bind

By Lily Hay Newman
The group behind the reported attack is under sanctions from the US Treasury, which means a payout could come with penalties for the victim.

How Hackers Hijacked Thousands of YouTube Accounts

By Lily Hay Newman
Google has shed light on a spate of attacks that turned creator channels into cryptocurrency scam livestreams.

A Telegram Bot Told Iranian Hackers When They Got a Hit

By Brian Barrett
APT35 may not be the most dangerous group out there, but they've got a new phishing trick.

A Devastating Twitch Hack Sends Streamers Reeling

By Cecilia D'Anastasio
The data breach apparently includes source code, gamer payouts, and more.

Hundreds of Scam Apps Hit Over 10 Million Android Devices

By Lily Hay Newman
The so-called GriftHorse campaign used clever techniques to avoid detection in Google Play for nearly a year.

6 Things You Need to Do to Prevent Getting Hacked

By Matt Burgess, WIRED UK
You are your own biggest weakness, but changing just a few of your behaviors can reduce the chances that your online accounts get breached.

The Stealthy iPhone Hacks That Apple Still Can't Stop

By Lily Hay Newman
After another β€œzero-click” attack, security experts say it's time for more extreme measures to keep iMessage users safe.

Hackers Could Up Medication Doses Through Infusion Pump Flaws

By Lily Hay Newman
It would take a determined hacker to break into the vulnerable B. Braun products, but the impact could be devastating.

The T-Mobile Breach Is Much Worse Than It Had to Be

By Brian Barrett
The vast majority of victims weren’t even T-Mobile customers. Now their information is for sale on the dark web.