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Online Gaming Is the New Therapist’s Office

By Gina Rich
Plenty of us play to let off steam, but online multiplayer and single-player gaming can be healing in the hands of mental health professionals.

The Polish Simulator Company Gamers Love to Hate

By Michael Thomsen
PlayWay's big library of vocational games makes it an investor favorite. But some say it's more like a pyramid scheme of glorified prototypes and prologues.

Meet the Duke Nukem Fan Re-Creating Britain in All Its Glory

By Will Pritchard
From sacks of wet eggs to Michael Gove raving in a nightclub, Duke Smoochem perfectly captures the farcical reality of Brexit Britain.

Good VR Is Not Always Going to Be High Fidelity

By Cecilia D'Anastasio
Timoni West, the head of augmented and virtual reality at Unity Technology, talks to WIRED about the future of XR.

Doom’s Creator Goes After ‘Doomscroll’

By Cecilia D'Anastasio
A metal guitarist thought Doomscroll would be a great name for a band. Video game developer Id Software had other ideas.

Dragon Ball FighterZ and the Elusive Art of Anime Adaptation

By Daniel Dockery
Video games based on anime don't usually live up to the original—but this one is the exception.

The Best Crossplay Games for Consoles and PC

By Eric Ravenscraft
These titles let you keep playing across Xbox, PC, Switch, and even mobile.

Kenji Eno Broke New Ground for Video Games

By Michael J. Seidlinger
The visionary developer was one of the first to implement cinematic stylings, package titles with freebies, and roll out limited editions.

Video Games Inspire a Generation of Classical Music Fans

By Mat Ombler
Game soundtracks are making waves in the classical community, and a new generation of composers and aficionados are starting to pay attention.

EA Sports Might Lose ‘FIFA,’ and That’s Not So Bad

By Cecilia D'Anastasio
As the two sides negotiate over the price of the brand, “this is a time when you say goodbye to FIFA,” says one former EA exec.

‘New Game+’ Is a Terrible Name but Offers a Great Advantage

By Swapna Krishna
Enabling the feature in Horizon Zero Dawn allows you to learn how to play it in a whole new way.

How Dead by Daylight  Became the Ultimate Game for Horror Fans

By Nina Corcoran
Behaviour Interactive fleshed out a creepy cast of characters by negotiating rights to everything from Saw to Silent Hill.

Oh, This Game Set in Latin America Has a Coup? How Original

By Gabriel Solis
From '80s arcade titles to Far Cry 6, video games have rehashed the same stereotypes of regimes and corruption.

Yoko Taro Foresees the End of Video Games As We Know Them

By Joshua Khan
The mind behind iconic titles like Nier: Automata and Drakengard tells WIRED about his inspirations—and how AI plays a role in the future of game design.

The Grand Theft Auto III  Radio Commercials Are Still Awesome

By Ade D. Adeniji
It’s been 20 years since they first hit the digital airwaves. Here’s how they came to be part of the series’ legacy.

Age of Empires IV  Is a Solid Strategy Game Stuck in the Past

By Mark Hill
It’s the perfect introduction to Age for new players, but veterans may be underwhelmed by its campaign offerings.

This AI Resurrects Ancient Board Games—and Lets You Play Them

By Samantha HuiQi Yow
What tabletop games did our ancestors play in 1000 BC? A new research project wants to find out, and make them playable online too.

Age of Empires IV and Real-Time Strategy Games' Rocky History

By Matthew Smith
If the genre is to return to its former glory, it needs to do more than tweak the formula that made it successful two decades ago.

Age of Empires IV Wants to Teach You a Lesson

By Will Bedingfield, WIRED UK
Can a video game be historically accurate? The team behind the iconic series wanted to give it a try.

EVE Online Gamers Role-Play as Covid-19 Researchers

By Payal Dhar
A citizen science project based in this MMO space opera has saved scientists almost 500 years of mind-numbing data crunching.