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The Antitrust Case Against Facebook Draws Blood

By Gilad Edelman
The latest ruling by a federal judge is a milestone for the effort to regulate Big Tech.
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Jack Dorsey Was the Soul of Twitter

By Steven Levy
The quirky CEO announced his departure on Monday. His record at the company is mixed, but his impact is undeniable.

Whistleblower Frances Haugen Still Believes in Silicon Valley

By Steven Levy
The face behind the Facebook papers tells how she became Mark Zuckerberg’s nightmare—and thinks people can still make a positive impact at the company.

Twitter Blue Is for People Who Love Reading the News

By Arielle Pardes
The platform's first subscription feature has a specific target audience.

Substack Is Now a Playground for the Deplatformed

By Chris Stokel-Walker
The company’s CEO says the old way of social media is broken—but is his alternative much different?

The Wild Rise of Moonbug—YouTube’s Magic Money Machine

By Chris Stokel-Walker
The company, which runs several channels full of children's content, just sold for $3 billion. Disney, look out.

Facebook’s Name Change Goes Meta

By Arielle Pardes
Mark Zuckerberg would like you to call his troubled company something else now.

How to Fix Facebook, According to Its Own Employees

By Gilad Edelman
Internal research documents provide a blueprint for solving the company’s biggest problems.

Facebook Is Everywhere; Its Moderation Is Nowhere Close

By Tom Simonite
Human reviewers and AI filters struggle to police the flood of content—or understand the nuances in different Arabic dialects.

I Used Facebook Without the Algorithm, and You Can Too

By Brian Barrett
Making your News Feed chronological is an enlightening look at what's really happening on the platform.

Facebook's Name Change Won’t Fix Anything

By Arielle Pardes
Can rebranding the company herald a fresh start? Experts, as you might guess, are skeptical.

LinkedIn’s Exit From China Cuts Another East-West Bridge

By Will Knight
The Microsoft subsidiary had agreed in 2014 to censor content in China, but that apparently wasn’t enough for tougher government regulators.

This Facebook Whistleblower Hearing Will Be Different

By Gilad Edelman
Congress has been grilling the company’s executives for years. This time, Frances Haugen, the former employee behind an unprecedented leak of documents, will take the floor.

What Social Media Needs to Learn From Traditional Media

By Gilad Edelman
Government regulation will never fix everything wrong with online discourse. The industry needs to develop professional norms—just as journalism once did.

Facebook Quietly Makes a Big Admission

By Gilad Edelman
The company’s new approach to political content acknowledges that engagement isn’t always the best way to measure what users value.

How an Obscure Green Bay Packers Site Conquered Facebook

By Gilad Edelman
The social media giant's new transparency report mostly succeeds in showing the extent of its spam problem.

The Push for Ad Agencies to Ditch Big Oil Clients

By Sidney Fussell
An activist coalition is pressuring firms to stop promoting fossil fuel companies—some of which have advertised oil and gas as “climate friendly.”