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Our 4 Favorite Electric Kick Scooters

By Julian Chokkattu
These WIRED-tested e-scooters will help you scoot scoot scoot around town.

Meet Our New Favorite Travel Mug

By Joe Ray
The Oxo Good Grips Thermal Mug keeps your coffee nice and hotβ€”and it's dishwasher-safe!

The Mega-Guide to Fixing Your Own iPhone

By Simon Hill
Battery not holding a charge? Wi-Fi woes? We break down ways to solve almost any issue you can think of.

Our Favorite Period Products

By Medea Giordano
Try a subscription serviceβ€”or opt for budget- and eco-friendly gear like a menstrual cup, period underwear, or reusable pads.

Apple Booted the Wordle Copycat Apps, But More Will Come

By Kyle Orland, Ars Technica
The simple premise of the wildly popular word guessing game is difficult to protect under US law.

This Treadmill Invites You to β€˜BYO Screen’ for Connected Workouts

By Billy Brown
The Horizon 7.8 AT pairs with your tablet or phone, then lets you use whatever workout app you like as you sweat away.
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The Best Speakers for Kids

By Simon Hill
Play music, audiobooks, and more for your children with one of these WIRED-tested gadgets.

The Best Electric Toothbrushes for Your Pearly Whites

By Medea Giordano
Yes, you'll have to recharge your toothbrush, but these electric models put better oral hygiene within easy reach.

Nanoleaf's Lines Bathe Your Walls in Colorful Light

By Simon Hill
These modular bars are expensive, but they support a variety of smart-home setups and add a futuristic feel to any room.

10 Good N95, KN95, and Surgical Face Masks to Buy Right Now

By Eric Ravenscraft
Here are the best disposable masks we've tested and researched so farβ€”and where you can find them.

Audi's EV Dakar Rally Car Is Resurrecting the Range Extender

By Jeremy White, Mark J. Walton
To compete in the punishing desert race, the auto company has turned to discarded hybrid tech. It could change how electric cars are made.

The US Needs to Do Better for Bikes

By Adrienne So
If the government is serious about solving climate change, it needs to treat bikes like car replacements and not toys.

The Best Posture Correctors to Put a Stop to Your Slouch

By Medea Giordano
You're hunched over your desk and phone for hours. We rounded up gadgets to help you straighten upβ€”including a DIY trick and yoga advice.

How to Stop Those Annoying Siri Notifications on AirPods

By Brenda Stolyar
Tired of Apple's voice assistant interrupting your jam sessions? Turn off the feature in a few simple steps.

19 Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do

By Jeffrey Van Camp, Eric Ravenscraft
Did you just get one of Nintendo's three Switch consoles? Here are some of their best (and most secret) abilities!

The Best Nintendo Switch Games for Every Kind of Player

By WIRED Staff
From Hyrule to Hallownest, these are our absolute favorite video game escapes for the OLED Switch, Switch, and Switch Lite.

7 Rapid At-Home Covid-19 Testsβ€”and Where to Find Them

By Brenda Stolyar
Planning to travel or see family during the holidays? Add an antigen test kitβ€”if you can find oneβ€”to your packing list.

The Best Mouse (and Mousepads) for Every Kind of Gamer

By Jess Grey
Whether you're into esports or casual fragging, these are the greatest gaming mice we’ve tested.

How to Use SharePlay to Virtually Connect With Loved Ones

By Julian Chokkattu
You can watch movies, listen to a new album, share your screen, or even work out with others on FaceTime through your Apple devices.

The Best Multi-Tools for Any Task

By Matt Jancer
Tiny gadgets, big convenience. We'll help you find the best Leatherman and Swiss Army Knives.