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An AI Finds Superbug-Killing Potential in Human Proteins

By Max G. Levy
A team scoured the human proteome for antimicrobial molecules and found thousands, plus a surprise about how animals evolved to fight infections.

Online Courses That Are Actually Worth Taking

By Nicole Kobie
Here’s how to navigate the avalanche of web learning—and find classes that can help with your work and life.

John Doerr Wants to Stop Climate Change—With OKRs

By Steven Levy
Plus: Bill Gates’ climate plan, real estate in the metaverse, and a different kind of mirrorworld.

How to Pick the Perfect Phone Case

By Pia Ceres, Simon Hill
Protect your smartphone—and your sanity—with this helpful expert guidance.

This Company Tapped AI for Its Website—and Landed in Court

By Tom Simonite
Under pressure to make their sites accessible to visually impaired users, firms turn to software. But advocates say the tech isn't always up to the task.

Moderna's CEO on the Fight Over the Covid-19 Vaccine's Future

By Brent Rose
The roadblocks to getting the Covid-19 vaccine into poorer countries partially come down to a contentious patent dispute.

The Metaverse Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Mobile Do-Over

By Steven Levy
Plus: Facebook’s Home flop, the trouble with Covid answers, and good and bad news from Gaia.

These Robots Follow You to Learn Where to Go

By Khari Johnson
Burro makes carts that help growers of trees and vineyards with harvests. Meanwhile, the maker of Vespa scooters wants to carry your groceries.

Google Staff Squirm as Remote Workers Face Pay Cuts

By Sophia Epstein
As more and more people switch to working from home, some are left counting the cost.

6 Ways to Fix Your Recruitment Problem

By Nicole Kobie
It’s time for companies to listen to candidates, understand the skills they actually need, and use technology when it helps.

Neuron Bursts Can Mimic a Famous AI Learning Strategy

By Allison Whitten
A new model of learning centers on blasts of neural activity that act as teaching signals—approximating an algorithm called backpropagation.

Before Going Meta, Mark Zuckerberg Must Fix Facebook

By Steven Levy
Plus: The great Pamela McCorduck, the future of Apple products, and yet another crazy weather event.

China Targets Extreme Internet Fandoms in a New Crackdown

By Jennifer Conrad, Kyle Mullin
Measures aimed at influencer and celebrity culture will reach into the screens of young people.

Facebook Is Everywhere; Its Moderation Is Nowhere Close

By Tom Simonite
Human reviewers and AI filters struggle to police the flood of content—or understand the nuances in different Arabic dialects.

Inside the Facebook Papers

By WIRED Staff
A WIRED series dives into thousands of internal documents, showing a company rife with issues that it largely failed to address.

Facebook Failed the People Who Tried to Improve It

By Steven Levy
The “badge posts” of the company's former researchers offer the parting thoughts of the disillusioned.