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Best Travel Gear for Babies and Kids (Flights, Car Rides)

By Adrienne So
Traveling with babies, toddlers, or young kids is no picnicβ€”even if food is involved. These accessories should help.

7 Best TV Streaming Devices for 2019 (4K and HD)

By Jeffrey Van Camp
We recommend the best media streaming devices for 4K HDR or HD TVs from Roku, Google, Apple, and Amazon.
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Top 3 Computers for Introducing Your Kids to Comp Sci

By Adrienne So
With these clever kits, elementary schoolers can get in-depth, hands-on experience with the tech they'll someday use to "make the world a better place."

8 Great Grilling Accessories and Tools (2019)

By Scott Gilbertson
Upgrade your BBQ with these grates, gloves, and other tools for getting the perfect sear, smoke, roast, even pizza on any grill.

10 Best Instant Cameras: Instax, Lomography, Polaroid, Etc

By Scott Gilbertson, Brendan Nystedt
Despite nearly dying off a decade ago, instant photo printing has come roaring back. These are the best instant cameras you can buy, and our favorite instant printer.

5 Best Compact Cameras for 2019: Cheap, Rugged, 10x Zoom

By Jess Grey, Brendan Nystedt
Your phone's portrait mode is no match for a real point-and-shoot camera's portrait lens. These are the best small pocket cameras we've tested.

Best Sonos Setup: Which Speakers, Soundbars Should You Buy?

By Jeffrey Van Camp
We’ve tested every Sonos speaker and Soundbar at WIRED, including the Ikea Symfonisk models. We like them all, but which ones are worth buying?

5 Best Air Purifiers (2019): HEPA, PECO, and More

By Adrienne So
We tested many HEPA and standard air purifiers to find the right one for your bedroom or home.

14 Best Online Co-Op Games (2019): PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

By Robert Carnevale
Our favorite cooperative multiplayer games that let you play together online no matter what system you ownβ€”PS4, Xbox One, PC, or the Nintendo Switch.

The future of car ownership: Cars-as-a-service

By Matt Burns

Car shoppers now have several new options to avoid long-term debt and commitments. Automakers and startups alike are increasingly offering services that give buyers new opportunities and greater flexibility around owning and using vehicles.


In the first part of this feature, we explored the different startups attempting to change car buying. But not everyone wants to buy a car. After all, a vehicle traditionally loses its value at a dramatic rate.

Some startups are attempting to reinvent car ownership rather than car buying.

Don’t buy, lease

My favorite car blog Jalopnik said it best: β€œCars Sales Could Be Heading Straight Into the Toilet.” Citing a Bloomberg report, the site explains automakers may have had the worst first half for new-vehicle retail sales since 2013. Car sales are tanking, but people still need cars.

Companies like Fair are offering new types of leases combining a traditional auto financing option with modern conveniences. Even car makers are looking at different ways to move vehicles from dealer lots.

Fair was founded in 2016 by an all-star team made up of automotive, retail and banking executives including Scott Painter, former founder and CEO of TrueCar.

7 Best Sunglasses for Every Adventure and Budget (2019)

By Adrienne So
We've tested and picked the best sunglasses to protect your eyes from the burning sun while you run, paddle, or work on your computer outside.

Gear for Going off the Grid: Goal Zero, CRKT, Somewear, Grayl, and Good To-Go

By Adrienne So
The latest outdoor tech helps us stay safe, eat like a human, and rechargeβ€”even deep in the backcountry.

12 Best Couch Co-Op Games (2019): PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

By Robert Carnevale
These are some of the best local cooperative multiplayer games for 2 - 4 playersβ€”split screen fun for every gaming system.

The future of car ownership: Building an online dealership

By Matt Burns

Buying a car is painful. Dealerships are the worst, and the options are endless. The rise of the Internet produced powerful tools for shoppers, but in the end, most buyers still have to trudge down to a car lot.

For this series of articles, TechCrunch spoke with several founders and investors attempting to rethink car buying. It’s clear these startups are the underdog in this fight. Most consumers buy cars the same way as their grandparents did and for good reason. Dealerships nationwide fought for years to enact laws and regulations that protect their businesses.

Several young companies are attempting to put the dealership online. Companies like Carvana, Shift, Vroom and Joydrive are putting the entire car buying process online, allowing customers to buy, trade-in and even test drive vehicles without talking to a salesman in an oversized golf pullover.

In the next part of this series, we’ll look at companies like Fair that are moving consumers away from purchasing and into short-term leases. Even automakers are trying something new. Tesla sells directly to consumers while Volvo, BMW, Mercedes and others are launching subscription options to give owners even more flexibility.

The three new dealerships

Several companies are building online car dealerships. Shoppers find and buy a vehicle solely through these sites, and often, the cars are delivered to the buyer. These online dealerships even take trade-ins.

Three services dominate this space, and they were all founded in 2013. Carvana, Shift, and Vroom hit the market at the same time but have experienced different paths. One thing is clear though: it takes hundreds of millions of venture capital money to build an online dealership.

Emily Melton, co-founder and managing partner, Threshold Ventures (formally known as DFJ Ventures), points to consumer’s changing expectations and an optimized process across all kinds of vehicles. She invested in Shift’s recent $140m round.

Father's Day Gifts: 25 Gift Ideas for the Dad in Your Life

By Jeffrey Van Camp
If you have an amazing father in your life, show your appreciation with one of these hand-picked Father’s Day gifts.

19 Best PS4 Games Every Player Should Try (2019)

By WIRED Staff
Crawl dungeons, hunt dinosaurs, and learn to be a dad with our favorite PlayStation 4 games.

4 Best Password Managers of 2019 (Paid, Family, and Free)

By Scott Gilbertson
We've picked our favorite password managers for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web browsers.

Best Camping Gear: 17 Cool Camping Gadgets & Supplies (2019)

By Adrienne So
Enjoy nature with our best camping gadgets and essentials, picked by WIRED's Gear team.

Ingenious Audio Designs From Audeze, Bang & Olufsen, Devialet, and Cambridge Audio

By Michael Calore
Wireless technology is helping audio gear explore new horizons in form and functionality.

3 Mirrorless Cameras Tested: Canon EOS R, Sony A7III, Nikon Z6

By Stinson Carter
Recent innovationsβ€”and several new entriesβ€”make mirrorless cameras a category worth watching.