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Who Killed the Robot Dog?

By Britt H. Young
The robotic companion was once a dream of techno-utopianism, but has instead become a terrifying weapon. What happened?

This Group Pushed More AI in US Securityβ€”and Boosted Big Tech

By Tom Simonite
The National Security Commission on AI included members from Oracle, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Some of its recommendations are already federal law.

The Pentagon Scrubs a Cloud Deal and Looks to Add More AI

By Tom Simonite
The JEDI program had become a legal and political morass. Microsoft won the $10 billion contract, but Amazon and Oracle sued to block the deal.

A Global Smart-City Competition Highlights China’s Rise in AI

By Khari Johnson
Chinese entrants swept all five categories, featuring technologies to improve civic life. But the advances could also be tools for surveillance.